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Towson mens lacrosse defeats local rival UMBC 10-7

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brittanihb #TUlaxvUMBC Towson mens lax V UMBC 7:30 here at Johnny Unitas Stadium, game underway!6 days ago from txt

brittanihb #TUlaxvUMBC Towson wins possession, UMBC Retrievers playing a good defensive game.

brittanihb #TUlaxvUMBC Towson goal by #19 Christian Pastirik, score: 1-0 TU!

brittanihb #TUlaxvUMBC 3-0 Towson, 4:25 remaining in the first quarter. Great fan turnout on a beautiful evening.

brittanihb #TUlaxvUMBC UMBC places their first goal into the net, 3-1. UMBC is currently 1-6 this season while Towson is 2-5.

brittanihb #TUlaxvUMBC End of the first quarter, Towson 3, UMBC 2. Students still pouring into Johnny Unitas.

brittanihb #TUlaxvUMBC Towson working UMBC’s goal, but UMBC defense is staying right on top of TU’s offense.

brittanihb #TUlaxvUMBC Towson pulls away from UMBC and#17 places the ball in the net, 4-2 Towson.

brittanihb #TUlaxvUMBC Towson 5, UMBC 2 with 8:42 left in the second quarter.

brittanihb #TUlaxvUMBC Shots on goal: 12 UMBC, 22 Towson. Ground balls: 17 UMBC, 10 Towson.

brittanihb #TUlaxvUMBC Halftime, 5-3 Towson.

brittanihb #TUlaxvUMBC UMBC catching on to Towson. 8-7, Towson with 8:51 remaining in the 4th quarter.

brittanihb #TUlaxvUMBC Under 4 minutes remaining in the game and Towson leads. 9-7 Tigers.

brittanihb #TUlaxvUMBC The game is coming to a close and Towson is holding onto the lead. Still 9-7, Tigers.

brittanihb #TUlaxvUMBC Goal for the Tigers by #41 Tim Stratton, 10-7 Tigers.

brittanihb #TUlaxvUMBC The Retrievers are unable to make a comeback. Final score: 10-7, Tigers.

brittanihb – #TUlaxvUMBC


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April 14, 2010 at 12:10 pm

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