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Setting yourself apart: be unique

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Most photographers start out with a passion for capturing priceless memories and moments. Many hope to evoke certain emotions with their photography, and some photographers are simply in the business to be their own boss and turn their creative hunger into their bread and butter. But regardless the reasons behind wanting to become a photographer, it is crucial to set yourself apart in an industry that is already over saturated with brilliant artists.

Being unique helps you set goals and better construct your business plan. Honing in on what it is you truly want to capture or tell with your photos helps your clients better understand what is so special about working with you as opposed to another photographer. International wedding photographer Jasmine Star says “it’s not what I tell you to do, it’s not what’s happening in the moment, it’s the stuff that happens in between. It’s the moments that my camera is able to catch that you don’t know.”

“Life in the In Between” is the backbone of Star’s highly successful business and is truly evident in the style of her photos. For those just starting out trying to establish a style, practice truly is the key. However here are a few tips from photographer Wendy Cunningham who recently guest blogged for MCP Actions.


Written by brittanibowling

September 29, 2010 at 1:33 pm

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