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For boutique businesses: Why custom photography?

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As a photographer running a boutique business, it’s important for your target audience and potential clients to understand why you’re brand and skills should be valued so much more highly than what they could quickly get at their closest chain studio store.

That is why educating your target audience on custom photography is so critical. Most people don’t understand what custom photography is, why it is so much more expensive, or what they will get out of the experience; therefore, they likely face sticker shock when it comes time to purchase prints and products.

Custom photography is not the cookie cutter mall studio, sit, stand, pose, “say cheese,” experience. Custom is, well, just that: personalized to fit your clients and their fiancé’s, their family’s, pets, or their kids’ stories, personalities, and unique traits. Custom photography takes the power of a treasured keepsake the next level by combining clients and their loved ones with the artistic eye of a practiced professional. Custom photography also relies heavily on the use of lighting, location, clothing choices, and the emotional connection between subjects to tell a story. The outcome is the collaboration between all of these things and the artistic vision of the photographer (you) in the form of luxury art that will remind them of those moments on a daily basis.

Often times most people come to a custom photographer with the mindset of “I want some really cool pictures of my family/fiancé/dog and I, but I’m not sure what I’ll do with them…” Maybe they don’t have the end product in mind. It’s important to remember that the combination of the distinctive location with the customized experience allows for the creation of beautiful art. If your client is thinking fun key chains, a nice mouse pad for their office, 30 4×6’s to give as Christmas gifts, maybe custom photography isn’t for them. Most custom photographers offer their clients the ability to purchase gorgeous gallery wrap canvases, yummy gallery mounts, beautiful wall sized prints, and classy session albums for display in their home. These fun goodies are really what your clients take away (absolutely loving!) from the tailored partnership between you (the artist) and their family.

But not only do they get these high-end wall mounted art pieces for their homes, or the breath-taking album guests will see on their coffee tables, but they’re also walking away having been given excellent service, care, and attention to detail. Since custom photographers spend so much time really getting to know their clients and their stories, they aren’t seeing hundreds of faces a day like your neighborhood Sears or Target Portrait Studio. And clients aren’t calling their phone and each time getting a new, unfamiliar voice on the other end.

Photographer Christina Sloan sets expectations with her potential clients here on her blog so that they understand what they will be getting from their experience with her. It’s also important for clients to understand why custom photography is a much more expensive investment than what they might find at a chain studio. This article gives a good explanation why.


Written by brittanibowling

October 27, 2010 at 2:48 pm