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Business sense continued: Organization

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While I’ve already lightly touched on the importance of business knowledge for a successful photography business, I think we should re-visit the topic and elaborate on the importance of organization for your business.

Not just organization as in “Is your office clean?” or “Are your papers filed correctly?” but more about, “Are you correctly keeping track of your expenses and income in one place?” or “Are your business bank accounts set up correctly and organized efficiently?”

While office organization is also key, having your ducks in a row in terms of financials and documentation are key. Moms with Cameras blogger Emily discusses here how she organizes her bank accounts for her business and why it works for her.

Also on her blog, she has a specific category just for business blog posts, all of which could be beneficial to you at the start of your business. This post is specifically about taxes and organizing your income to minimize your tax losses…very important for new photographers or any new business owner to understand.

There are also plenty of money tracking resources for photographers to purchase that are already developed and ready to use. Tennille King of TK Business & Design offers Biz Books that help photographers easily plug their numbers into spreadsheets that track profit and loss, mileage, sales tax, vendor and client information, among other things.


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November 17, 2010 at 4:45 pm

Business sense is a must for new photographers

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To be a successful photographer, some business knowledge and sense is necessary. While most photographers get into photography to leverage their creative energy, in order to be successful, common sense business applications are a requirement. A photography business without a true business plan or financial analysis is a photography business on the road to quick failure.

Easy as Pie and Fast Track Photographer prove to be popular and informative resources for new photographers (Photo by: Brittani Bowling/Towson University Student)

As with anything these days, the Internet runs rampant with great resources for running a productive, efficient, and profitable photography business. Other blogs are great resources, and books and web documents can be found online for purchase. Many photographers are generous enough to give a no holds barred look into their business (such as Jamie Pflughoeft) to assist new photographers in setting their policies and pricing correct right from the get-go and in turn increase the value placed on the photography industry.

Last October, Monkton, Md. portrait photographer Jodie Otte wrote a guest blog for which addressed pricing and basic business knowledge. Her blog triggered 195 comments, many of which ran something along the lines of “This is a reality check!” or “I’m re-writing my pricing and policies as we speak!”

Investing in such informative resources can in turn transform new photography businesses into a super profitable and fairly priced new photography business. Additional great resources include Alicia Caine’s Easy As Pie, Skye Hardwick’s The Workshop Workbook (currently on promotion today only for half off!), and Dane Sanders Fast Track Photographers. Also, The Joy of Marketing offers a free e-book on marketing strategies for boutique businesses! Get searching and find out what business policies and plans you should be implementing to improve your photography business…you might be surprised what you find!

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October 6, 2010 at 5:01 pm