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Turning a hobby into a profession: photography

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Some call photography an art, some a skill, some a hobby, however some refer to it as their profession. Most professional photographers struggle with turning their hobby into a profitable business; however, the internet runs rampant with resources to assist hopefuls in their new venture. Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and networking with fellow photographers are some of the most powerful tools when it comes to obtaining free education and information.

Indianapolis photographer Ravyn Stadick even has a separate category on her photography blog set aside with posts just for aspiring photographers that include her top ten tips for getting started in the photography industry, the benefits of shooting in RAW, and how to make the most of your post-processing (Photoshop work). For newbies on the fast-track, photographers such as Haleigh Rohner and Tony Hoffer offer one-on-one mentoring or consultations in person or over the phone at cost. Regardless of where you would like to start or go, the internet has become one of the most prominent tools in the new photographers tool box and those who wish to be serious should learn to utilize the wealth of information on the web.


Written by brittanibowling

September 22, 2010 at 3:32 pm